customized practice management consulting


Medical Billing and Documentation Audit Services

A billing/compliance audit is an in-depth analysis of a medical practice’s billing, coding, and documentation procedures. It is done to determine if the medical practice is following the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services and other payer’s guidelines for appropriate, medically necessary, billing.

This educational review will address any deficit or weakness within the billing area that may expose the practice to problems with government and other payers. The review addresses coding accuracy and can help determine under-coding as well as over coding. Verbal and/or written reports are provided. These reviews are entirely educational and confidential.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Review Services

A revenue cycle review assess all phases of the revenue cycle from intake of demographic information to follow up and denial management procedures.  This type of review will determine obstacles prohibiting the billing department or billing service from maximizing revenues in a timely and efficient manner.

Work Flow and Medical Practice Operations Consultation

A work flow consultation is a review of relevant data to assess practice operations including practice productivity, non-physician staffing assessment, employee compensation assessment, workflow of front and back office, physician time management assessment, and barriers to efficient workflow.

Practice Evaluations

A practice evaluation is an operational and financial study of an existing medical practice. This study will provide the physicians or hospital leaders with information vital to the growth and productivity of the practice. This evaluation also provides a comparative analysis of the practice to other practices of the same specialty nationally. Encounter or case data is reviewed and compared as well as financial ratios. Staffing efficiency and work-flow is a major component of a practice evaluation, as is review of the reimbursement area. A practice evaluation will allow a practice to realize operating and billing efficiencies that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Fee Schedule Consulting and Analysis

Is your practice charging enough? Are you over-charging? Are payers not paying you according to your contracts? If you answered yes to any of the above, a fee schedule analysis can assist you in determining how your fees compare to market rates and if you are being paid according to your managed care contracts.

Medical Practice Establishment Services

Are you starting a new practice or looking to leave a group? J. Claypool Associates Inc. has over 25 years of experience in practice start up. Advice and guidance is what most physicians need when they endeavor to go out on their own, our clients have not only succeeded in the practices we have helped them start up, we have helped them exceed their expectations. Doing it correctly the first time is the key. We can help you get there.

Marketing Services

Whether it is an engagement for a new practice or for an existing practice needing a revenue boost, marketing is a crucial function. Marketing requires both traditional and high tech methods to improve revenue. J. Claypool Associates, Inc. can assist physicians in reaching their financial goals through a tailored marketing effort and appropriate plan. Our marketing specialist has years of experience in the marketing and public relations of physician practices both small and large.

Managed Care Contracting

The need for adequate reimbursement is crucial today and many times negotiations with payers are difficult. Managed care contracts are the foundation to every physician and healthcare system’s success. Contracts that are poorly negotiated can impact your business and cost you thousands of dollars. It is critical to have the best relationships with the payers. Our senior consultants at J. Claypool Associates, Inc. can negotiate contracts that will boost practice revenues.

Chart Audits and Coding Reviews

J. Claypool Associates, Inc. provides certified specialists in coding, and medical chart audits. If you have been the target of payer audit, we can help you. Our company can assist your attorney to negotiate reductions from potential payer recoupment.

Physician Recruitment

For physician recruitment, we can assist with your recruitment and retention strategy, as well as refer to a number of trusted firms with whom do business quite frequently. If you endeavor to recruit a physician, you should call us so we can put you in touch with the very best, as we have an entire network of both retained and contingency firms that we have come to rely upon. Specifically, however, when it comes to recruiting psychiatrists, we have found that the very best for psychiatric recruitment is Monroe & Weisbard , our partner, that can be reached by calling 516-92-PSYCH (927-7924). Call us at 800-227-4594 (in Texas) or 512-264-3323 in Austin.